Sustainability Certificate Curriculum

Please check the timetable for the latest course offerings. The course list is dynamic and will be adjusted as new sustainability courses are being offered and others dropped.

Students may request to substitute a course that is listed in one of the four dimensions with a course listed as a “multidimensional course.” Requests can be granted to the extent that the student’s proposed course portfolio still covers all four dimensions of the certificate’s curriculum.

Students may also request to substitute a listed course with a sustainability related course that is currently not listed. Such a request requires that the student submits a written explanation how the substitute course meets the learning outcomes of the certificate and assists the student in reaching his or her individual goals for taking the certificate. Please also submit a syllabus of the substitute class. substitution requests require approval by the certificate’s faculty advisor, Ann Terlaak (


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Environmental Dimension

Select a minimum of 3 credits

Social Dimension

Select a minimum of 3 credits

Economic Dimension

Select a minimum of 3 credits

Systems Dimension

Select a minimum of 3 credits

Multidimensional and Cross-Topics Courses

Can request to use maximum of 3 credits to substitute for 3 credits from the economic, social or environmental category. This requires special permission and is only allowed if the student’s course portfolio will still cover all four dimensions of the certificate’s curriculum.

Department Course Title Credits geBLC* Semester
LAND ARC 211 Shaping the Built Environment 3 __NEC
HORT, PL PATH 261 Sustainable Turfgrass Use and Management 2 Spring
ED POL 320 Climate Change, Sustainability, and Education 3 __WIC
ENVIR ST, GEOG 333 Green Urbanism 3 __SIC Spring
ENVIR ST, BSE 367 Renewable Energy Systems 3 __PIC Fall, Spring
HORT 375 A Growing Dilemma: The Future of Food 3 Spring
CURRIC, C&E SOC, ENVIR ST 405 Education for Sustainable Communities 3 __SIC Spring
ENVIR ST 417 Sustainability Science, Technology and Policy 1 __NIC
DY SCI, AGRONOMY 471 Food Production Systems and Sustainability 3 __YAC Spring
DY SCI, AN SCI, FOOD SCI, SOIL SCI 472 Animal Agriculture and Global Sustainable Development 1 Spring
CIV ENGR 495 Sustainable Building and Materials 3
URB R PL 551 Climate Action Planning: Sustainable Transportation 3 ___AC
LAND ARC 563 Designing Sustainable and Resilient Regions 4 ___AC Fall
INTEREGR 601 Interdisciplinary Design for Energy and Sustainability (IDEAS)

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1 credit maximum of ENVIR ST 402 in the residence halls.