Our Graduates Lead the Way

From Alaska to Africa, Nelson Institute alumni are leaders in conservation, sustainability, education, and environmental justice. Check out these stories that demonstrate the many ways in which Nelson alumni are working to solve our planet’s most urgent challenges.

Patricia O’Kane

Environment and Resources, 2015

2022 Alumni Award Recipient

Keefe Keeley

Agroecology (MS and PhD), 2014 and 2021

2022 Alumni Award Recipient

Linda Vakunta

Environment and Resources, 2015

2021 Alumni Award Recipient

Vijay Limaye and Jessica Price

Limaye: Environment and Resources, 2015. Price: Environment and Resources, 2016; Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, 2010

2021 Alumni Award Recipients

Dan York

Land Resources (PhD), 1991; Land Resources (MS) and Energy Analysis and Policy Certificate, 1987

2021 Alumni Award Recipient

Maria Castillo

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Major, 2017

Finding My Way from Environmental Studies to Urban Health and Planning

Dylan Jennings

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Certificate, 2013; Current Environmental Conservation Student

Tribal Environmental Work

Leela Hazzah

Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, 2007; Environment and Resources, 2011

Changing Conservation Norms

Emmanuel Urey

Environment and Resources, 2013 and 2018

The Promise of Land Reform

Elizabeth Bagley

Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, 2008; Environment and Resources, 2011

Climate Solutions for the New Decade

Rich Beilfus

Water Resources Management, 1990; Land Resources, 2002

Restoring the Kafue Flats, Zambia, for People and Wildlife

Stephanie Dresen

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Major, 2015

Exploring Environmental Career Options in Your 20s

John Francis

Land Resources, 1991

Environmental Compassion

Steven Olikara

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Major, 2012

Bipartisan Environmental Action

Sabrina Scull

Environmental Conservation, 2015

Ecological Communication to Equip Our Leaders and Professionals with Quality Science

Steve Ventura

Environmental Monitoring, 1984; Land Resources, 1989

Air, Water, Food, and Community

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