Undergraduate Advising

If you are interested in scheduling an advising appointment, please note the following:

  • Online access to schedule advising appointments is restricted to declared majors only
  • Not-yet-declared students interested in the certificate may request a certificate declaration appointment or contact undergrad@nelson.wisc.edu to declare via email
  • Not-yet-declared students interested in the major should request a major declaration appointment
  • Students do not need an appointment for a graduation check. Instead, request a review by emailing undergrad@nelson.wisc.edu.
  • For all advising requests, please include in your email the reason for the appointment, your campus ID, and your phone number
  • Please cancel your appointment or inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend

Contact Us

Becky Ryan, Distinguished Student Services Coordinator
70 A Science Hall
(608) 262-9206
(608) 262-2273 (fax)

Types of Advising Appointments

Environmental Studies Certificate Advising

Students with questions about the Environmental Studies Certificate can request a certificate advising/declaration appointment.

Questions that can be resolved via email can be sent to undergrad@nelson.wisc.edu.

Major Declarations

Students considering declaring the major should request a major declaration appointment.

Individual Academic Advising

Advising appointments for students declared in the major can schedule an appointment through WiscCal.

Email Academic Advising

If you have a quick question that does not require a conversation you can email the advisor at undergrad@nelson.wisc.edu. Be sure to email from your wisc.edu email account and include your full name and campus ID number.

What Should I Bring to My Advising Appointment?

Any questions you have about requirements, extracurricular opportunities, study abroad or whatever is on your mind

A pen and paper for note taking

Any form you may need signed. Be sure you have filled out all pertinent information and have read the form/document thoroughly.

What to Expect from an Academic Advising Appointment

Academic advisors are available to answer any questions you may have and to make suggestions about other available options. They can help you interpret a degree audit report and make recommendations about completing degree requirements. Advisors can also suggest extracurricular opportunities, such as internships, study abroad or campus activities, and help you start planning for life after graduation.

It is recommended that you see an advisor once a semester to plan for courses and check your progress toward your degree. There are a lot of possibilities that you might not be aware of and sometimes degree requirements can be difficult to understand.