Grace Bulltail and Zuzana Burivalova

Champions of Conservation & Justice

Nelson Institute welcomes Grace Bulltail, assistant professor of Native American Environment, Health, and Community and assistant professor Zuzana Burivalova Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Jonathan Patz in auditorium with giant curved screen

Patz Presents on Planetary Health

"Treatment for Today's Climate Emergency Can Save Way More Lives Than We Ever Imagined"

cows in Brazil

Cattle Laundering in Brazilian Amazon

Gibbs Lab finds that hard-to-monitor cattle trade sparks increased burning of forest.

Nemet Book Cover photo - sunset and solar panels

How Solar Energy Became Cheap

Greg Nemet's new book tells the story of solar: the long road to economic viability and the lessons learned that could speed the progress of other low-carbon technology.

Latest News

October 14, 2021
Tyler Lark and SAGE GLUE Colleagues Featured in The Guardian
"The five biggest threats to our natural world … and how we can stop them"
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September 14, 2021
Nelson Institute researcher Tyler Lark publishes papers on sustainable cropping systems
Both papers highlight the impacts of turning grasslands into cropland.
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Latest Publications

2021 · Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science
Satellite Monitoring for Air Quality and Health
AUTHOR(S): Holloway, T., D. Miller, S. Anenberg, M. Diao, B. Duncan, A.M. Fiore, D.K. Henze, J. Hess, P.L. Kinney, Y. Liu, J.L. Neu, S.M. O'Neill, M. Talat Odman, R.B. Pierce, A.G. Russell, D. Tong, J.J. West, M.A. Zondlo

2021 · Current Biology
Early warning sign of forest loss in protected areas
AUTHOR(S): Burivalova, Z., Hart, S.J., Radeloff, V.C., Srinivasan, U.

2021 · Agronomy Journal
Agricultural data management and sharing: best practices and case study
AUTHOR(S): Moore E, Kriesberg A, Schroeder S, Geil K, Haugen I, Barford C, Johns EM, Arthur D, Sheffield M, Ritchie SM, Jackson C, Parr C.