Last Name Name Photo Title Contact
Aley Ian Aley Green Fund Program Manager, Office of Sustainability
Berger Kevin Berger Graphic Designer 30B Science Hall
(608) 263-9289
Braun Kevin Braun Senior Information Processing Consultant 1129 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Building
(608) 262-8765
Fletcher Laurel Fletcher Department Administrator, SAGE and CCR 213 Enzyme (SAGE)
1145 AOS Building (CCR)
Folkerts Jill Folkerts Financial Manager 40 Science Hall
(608) 263-4626
Gallup Jason Gallup Student Intern Program Manager, Office of Sustainability
Godfriaux Colleen Godfriaux Associate Dean for Administration 122D Science Hall
Graves Sarah Graves Environmental Observation and Informatics Program Coordinator 84 Science Hall
Gross Martina Gross Pre-Award Specialist 201 Enzyme Institute
Gurney Rachel Gurney Assistant Director, Center for Culture, History, and Environment (CHE)
Hanson Kali Hanson Graduate Programs Assistant
Higgins Robin Higgins Business Manager 40 Science Hall
(608) 262-3657
Horan Nicholas Horan Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Assistant 70 Science Hall
(608) 262-9206
Jandl Nathan Jandl Assistant Director and Communications Director, Office of Sustainability
Kautzer Meghan Kautzer Environmental Conservation Program Coordinator 84 Science Hall
(608) 890-2600
Klister Eric Klister Web Coordinator 40A Science Hall
(608) 265-5852
Maier Craig Maier Coordinator, Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna Fire Science Consortium
McBride Bekah McBride Marketing and Communications Coordinator 30B Science Hall
(608) 890-2064
Miller Daegan Daegan Miller Senior Editor, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE)
Miller Jim Miller Senior Student Services Coordinator: Graduate Advisor 70C Science Hall
Mills James Mills Community Partnership Liaison
Mohan Tara Mohan Curricular Administration Specialist 70B Science Hall
Pertzborn Rose Pertzborn Senior Outreach Specialist 1151 Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Building
Rella Alessandra Rella Outreach Specialist 25 Science Hall
(608) 265-0521
Reynolds Emily Reynolds Assistant Director, Community Engagement and Alumni Relations 25 Science Hall
(608) 265-2564
Ryan Rebecca Ryan Undergraduate Program Coordinator 70A Science Hall
Schmit Colleen Schmit Engagement Coordinator, Energy Analysis and Policy Program
Schulfer Nathan Schulfer Director - International and Professional Programs 115F Science Hall
Schwebach Molly Schwebach Outreach Coordinator, Community Environmental Scholars Program (CESP)
Sternitzky Mary Sternitzky Senior Information Processing Consultant 212 Enzyme Institute
(608) 263-1412
Stojanovich Diane Stojanovich Assistant Dean for Communications 122B Science Hall
Strom Shelly Strom Professional Programs Student Services Specialist 84 Science Hall
Suval Marika Suval Administrative Program Specialist
Swenson Ann Swenson Assistant Dean for Advancement 122C Science Hall
Webert Kyle Webert Associate Outreach Specialist, Center for Ecology and the Environment