Graduate Students

Last name Name Photo Program Advisor Research Interests
Alves Murilo Alves Zacareli
Environment and Resources (PhD) Larry Nesper Social-ecological systems, natural resource/land use and management, biodiversity conservation, local/indigenous communities, collective action, global/regional/local environmental governance
Avery William Avery
Environment and Resources (PhD) Steven P. Loheide Urban Hydrology, eco-hydrology, land use change, ecosystem services, precision agriculture, green infrastructure, soil moisture, tree hydrology
Bantlin Drew Bantlin
Environment and Resources (MS) Adrian Treves
Barceinas Cruz Alicia Barceinas Cruz
Environment and Resources (PhD) Liz Hennessy & Mike Bell
Becker Ashley Becker
Environment and Resources (MS) Leah Horowitz, Randy Jackson
Berg Elizabeth Berg
Environment and Resources (MS) Chris Kucharik
Brandao Amintas Brandao
Environment and Resources (PhD) Holly Gibbs
Brandao Juliana Brandao
Environment and Resources (PhD) Jane Collins
Caldwell Christopher Caldwell
Environment and Resources (PhD) Paul Robbins Indigenous sustainability, sustainable development, forest management, climate change, phenology, community based research
Chacon Cedillo Saida Chacon Cedillo
Environment and Resources (MS) Randy Stoecker
Charron Lisa Charron
Environment and Resources (PhD) Jim LaGro Urban and rural planning for health, health in all policies, comprehensive planning, built environment surveillance data, active transportation, climate change and health
Cosby Olivia Cosby
Environment and Resources (MS) Tim Van Deelen Wildlife Conservation, Forest Ecology, Animal Behavior, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Anthropology, Writing & Photography
Decre Barbara Decre
Environment and Resources (PhD) Michael Bell & Steve Ventura Agroforestry, sociology, story-telling, communication, land access, rhetori
Dinsmore Mary Dinsmore
Environment and Resources (PhD) Karen Strier Primate conservation, human-wildlife interactions, behavioral ecology, environmental public policy, tropical deforestation
Druschke Caroline Druschke
Environment and Resources (MS) Stream restoration, public engagement, trout conservation, management ontologies
Geygan Ryan Geygan
Environment and Resources (MS) Mutlu Ozdogan Remote sensing, agroecology, agronomy, agricultural development and sustainability, crop yield modeling, soil-plant-atmosphere biophysical modeling, applied economics, environmental economics
Green Nick Green
Environment and Resources (MS)
Hang Yun Hang
Environment and Resources (PhD) Tristan L'Ecuyer Earth's Energy Budget, Satellite Remote Sensing, Climate and Radiation, Cloud and Aerosol, Renewable Energy and Policy
Harvey Tracy Harvey
Environment and Resources (PhD) Alfonso Morales Sustainability
Hayes Hursh Sheryl Hayes Hursh
Environment and Resources (PhD) David Drake
Henegan Colleen Henegen
Environment and Resources (MS) Urban agriculture, food security, environmental education, economic and educational empowerment for women, political ecology, population growth, human ecology, urbanization, land use change
Horowitz Beckett Horowitz
Environment and Resources (MS) Philip O'Leary
Iverson Caitlin Iverson
Environment and Resources (PhD) Patty Loew Workplace well-being, sustainable business, environmental health communication, policies in health promotion, community-based research, participatory process, curriculum development, evaluation, data visualization, storytelling
Ugoretz Sarah Ugoretz
Environment and Resources (PhD) Michael Bell Alternative food movements, agroecology, farm labor, socio-economic sustainability, social justice
Jorgensen Niels Jorgensen
Environment and Resources (PhD) Mark Renz GIS, ecology, invasive plant species, modeling, prairie restoration
Keating Colin Keating
Environment and Resources (MS) Paul Block
Keeley Keefe Keeley
Environment and Resources (PhD) Steve Ventura
Keuser Anke Keuser
Environment and Resources (PhD) Paul Block
Khadka Bijit Hkadka
Environment and Resources (MS) Tim Van Deelen Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife Conservation, Carnivore - Human conflict, Conflict mitigation, Non - Invasive Monitoring Techniques
Kim Haein Kim
Environment and Resources (PhD) Sheldon Du Energy Economics, Coal Phase-out, Renewable Energy Transition, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Kozik Liz Anna Kozik
Environment and Resources (PhD) Caroline Druschke Ecological restoration, prairie, environmental history, history of science, academic comics
Lakind Alexandra Lakind
Environment and Resources (joint degree with Curriculum and Instruction) (PhD) Noah Feinstein & Erica Halverson
Landi Matthew Landi
Environment and Resources (PhD) Stephanie Tai U.S. and International Environmental Law and Policy, Public Trust Doctrine jurisprudence, Renewable Energy Research and Development, Energy Law and Policy, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Energy, Central Africa
Lanker Marisa Lanker
Environment and Resources (PhD) Michael Bell Agroecology, Socio-Ecological Justice, Sustainable International Agricultural Development, Polyculture & Perennial Cropping Systems, Food Sovereignty, Local & Indigenous Knowledges, Smallholder Farmer Livelihoods, Political Ecology, Participatory Research
Li Yihan Li
Environment and Resources (PhD) Daniel B. Wright Hydrology, statistical modeling, tropical cyclones, remote sensing, agricultural economics
Livingston Laura Livingston
Environment and Resources (PhD) Randy Stoecker Agriculture Education, Agroecology, Social Justice, Community-Engaged Research, Food Sovereignty
Lsoto Dorothy Lsoto
Environment and Resources (MS) Rebecca Larson Renewable energy
Lundberg Emma Lundberg
Environment and Resources (PhD) Caroline Druschke
Marendraputra Priza Marendraputra
Environment and Resources (PhD) Anna Gade
Mayerfeld Diane Mayerfeld
Environment and Resources (PhD) Silvopasture
Menon Michael Menon
Environment and Resources (MS) David Drake Mitigating wildlife hazards to aviation, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife damage management, ornithology, and landscape ecology
O'Reilly Bryan O'Reilly
Environment and Resources (MS) Paul Block
Parr Jackson Parr
Environment and Resources (MS) Anita Thompson Water policy, water law, rural and agricultural land use, taxation, environmental economic development, natural resources valuation
Peterson Diana Peterson
Environment and Resources (PhD) Eve Emshwiller & Patty Loew Eco-cultural restoration, wildrice, wetland ecology
Phalke Aparna Phalke
Environment and Resources (PhD) Mutlu Ozdogan Algorithm and model development for cropland classification, study of dynamics of land-use/ land-cover change and impact of climate change on its dynamics
Pineda Guerrero Alicia Pineda Guerrero
Environment and Resources (PhD) Adrian Treves Human-carnivore conflicts, conflict-mitigating interventions, human dimensions, conservation biology, Wildlife conservation
Putrevu Karann Putrevu
Environment and Resources (PhD) Adrian Treves Tigers, Carnivore Population Dynamics, Carnivore Genetics, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Human-Carnivore Conflict
Reynolds Jules Reynolds
Environment and Resources (PhD) Michael Bell, Matt Turner Participatory Research, Agroecology, Political Ecology, Multi-species Ethnography
Richards Jeannine Richards
Environment and Resources (PhD) Dr. Donald Waller Tropical plant ecology, epiphyte diversity and ecology, dispersal ecology, agricultural systems and agroecology, dimensions of biodiversity, conservation planning, international conservation, ecologic
Richerson Hannah Richerson
Environment and Resources (PhD) Randy Stoecker Environmental racism, environmental justice, environmental law and policy, community-based research, public health, ecotoxicology
Robinson Morgan Robinson
Environment and Resources (MS) Bret Shaw Women's reproductive health issues, feminine hygiene products and environmental pollution, ecofeminism, water contamination in rural and indigenous communities, environmental sociology
Roland Hugh Roland
Environment and Resources (PhD) Katherine Curtis Environmental Justice, Environmental Health, Gentrification
Schimanski Jenni Schimanski
Environment and Resources (MS)
Schuh Brian Schuh
Environment and Resources (MS) Adrian Treves Wildlife Conservation, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, Sustainable Ecotourism, Environmental Awareness
Singh Kartik Singh
Environment and Resources (MS) Katarzyna Beilin Environmental Humanities, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change Mitigation, Energy Policies, Community-based Research
Suiter Aaron Suiter
Environment and Resources (MS) Morgan Robertson Urban forestry, urban political ecology, science and technology studies
Thomson Christine Thomson
Environment and Resources (PhD) John Harrington
Tripuraneni Vaishnavi Tripuraneni
Environment and Resources (PhD) Paul Robbins Vulnerability, adaptation, livelihoods, development, conservation, India
Vander Woude Theresa Vander Woude
Environment and Resources (MS) Bret Shaw
Wang Qingwei Wang
Environment and Resources (PhD) Samer Alatout
Wondaferew Selamwit Wondaferew
Environment and Resources (PhD) Alfonso Morales The Intersection of Equity, Economy and Ecology: Sustainable Systems, Asset-Based Community Development, Market Based Sustainable Solutions, CSR, Regenerative Systems, Circular Economy
Wong Pearly Wong
Environment and Resources (PhD) Michael Bell, Maria Lepowsky Environmental justice, community organizations, indigenous knowledge, sustainable development, Nepal, Asia
Ye Liangfei Ye
Environment and Resources (PhD) Mutlu Ozdogan Remote sensing, change detection, urban mapping, land use land cover change, urban environment
Zhou Sulong Zhou
Environment and Resources (PhD) Janet Silbernagel Landscape ecology, Geospatial analysis, Urbanization, Land use/cover, Remote Sensing, China, Water Management
Name Research Interests