An internship is a temporary work experience that involves on-the-job training. It can help you prepare for a career by allowing you to develop relevant skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

Internships may be found through university internship programs, through programs run by agencies or businesses, or through direct contact with potential internship hosts. An internship is most valuable when it allows you to demonstrate creativity and initiative and provides you with experience that will help you reach your goals after graduation.

Looking for an internship? The Nelson Institute jobs board is a great source for opportunities.

Why Should I Do an Internship?

Employers and graduate and professional programs look for candidates who have had a variety of experiences in and out of the classroom. In addition to strengthening your resumé, internships can help you develop a network in your field of interest.

How Do I Earn Credit for an Internship?

To receive academic credit for an internship, you should register in an appropriate course through your school or college:

Local Organizations

Students looking for an environmental internship can contact the following organizations.