CESP Staff

Rob Beattie

photo of Rob Beattie

Title: CESP Co-Director

Education: BS, UW-Madison - Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film, 1981); MS, SUNY-ESF - Environmental Science (1987); PhD, MIT - Environmental Planning (1998).

Something Few People Know About You: I'm an expert downhill skier and a great cook.

What Inspired your Interest in the Environment? I grew up in the suburbs of NY City, but both of my grandparents had houses in more remote, natural environments (one in New Hampshire in the woods, one in northern New York state on a large lake). I spent my childhood summers wandering in the woods and swimming, snorkeling, and fishing in various lakes. That love for nature was my first inspiration to study environmental science. But when I was in college, major environmental disasters around the world solidified my sense that the environment was not just "bees & trees," it included humans too. Helping people stay healthy and happy where they live, work, and play became my primary environmental concern.

Anything to Add to your Bio? My first real environmental job was developing a public involvement plan for the siting of new wastewater treatment facilities in the Boston metro area.

Cathy Middlecamp

photo of Cathy Middlecamp

Title: CESP Co-Director

Education: BA, Cornell University (1972); Ph.D., UW-Madison, Chemistry (1976); MS, UW-Madison, Education (1989).

Something Few People Know About You: I practice (and teach) the martial art of aikido.

What Inspired your Interest in the Environment? I think I was born with it! That said, I cannot think of a better intellectual, societal, and spiritual "playground" in which to live and work. All of the questions that I'm interested in searching out answers to connect to the environment. My favorite ones connect to energy and food.

Tara Mohan

photo of Tara Mohan

Title: CESP Scholarship Administrator

Education: BS, UW-Madison, Electrical Engineering, MS, UW-Madison, Electrical Engineering

Something Few People Know About You: My favorite Babcock ice cream flavor is orange custard chocolate chip.

What Inspired your Interest in the Environment? My love for animals, especially the cute and cuddly variety!

Molly Schwebach

photo of Molly Schwebach

Title: CESP Outreach Coordinator

Education: B.A. Global Studies, International Development. M.S. Land Resources

Something Few People Know About You: I was a huge fan of Miami Sound Machine.

What Inspired your Interest in the Environment? I have met many incredibly talented, motivated people in my life who have experienced far too many closed doors and far too few open arms. Their gifts go unused. Everyone has a stake in the environment and everyone has something to contribute to environmental work. I enjoy finding creative ways to connect people towards a more sustainable future.