Environmental Observation and Informatics MS

The Environmental Observation and Informatics (EOI) master of science degree provides training that is in demand by industry, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and academia. The program is rooted in the disciplines of environmental conservation, remote sensing and GIS, and informatics. By spanning these three disciplines, you will be ready for a career at the intersection of the geospatial and environmental fields.

A Program Built for Your Future

What You Will Learn

  • Digital image analysis and interpretation (e.g. classification, change detection, atmospheric correction)
  • Geospatial data science (e.g. data management, spatial statistics, machine learning algorithms, data visualization and storytelling)
  • Programming (e.g. R, Python, Javascript)
  • Policy and ethics of observational data

Areas of Focus

  • Land use change and urbanization
  • International and sustainable development
  • Forest resources and management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Wildlife ecology and habitat conservation

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The 32-credit Environmental Observation and Informatics curriculum provides the expertise that the market demands, focusing specifically on three pillars.

Remote sensing and integrated technology

Modeling and analysis

Innovative leadership

Your Passion, Your Project

Overhead view of several students in a forest during fall closely examining a research sample

We help each student craft a unique and meaningful final project. We explore your background, your professional goals, and your dreams to make the world a better place. Together, we match you with our extensive network of partners around the world.

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Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
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