Environmental Observation and Informatics

Costs and Funding

Estimated Program Costs

Our 15-month master's program offers students a remarkable graduate education and professional training at a cost value less than traditional two-year residential graduate programs.

In-State Tuition


Out-of-State and International Tuition




Estimated amounts are for tuition and fees only. The costs have been calculated from the UW-Madison tuition rates webpage for graduate programs. Housing, living expenses, and travel are not included.

We encourage all students to apply for our Environmental Observation and Informatics tuition assistance award (see below), and to seek additional sources of grants, scholarships, or school loans. Because of the accelerated and immersive nature of our program, Environmental Observation and Informatics students are not eligible for campus assistantships. All students, including international students, can apply for paid hourly work positions on campus.

Please contact us with questions about Environmental Observation and Informatics program costs and funding.

Tuition Assistance

The Environmental Conservation program offers financial awards to exceptional applicants to help reduce their tuition costs. Everyone is encouraged to apply, in particular candidates of color, historically underrepresented candidates, and first-generation college students. Please fill out and submit the online application by December 1 to be considered for a financial award.

Apply for financial assistance