First Summer, In Person at UW-Madison

Kick off the summer with a two-week intensive seminar that includes:

  • Field trips to learn about local conservation issues
  • Social events to meet members of our professional network
  • Classroom lectures and discussions to learn about the relevance of people skills and self-reflection for a variety of environmental topics

Summer On-Campus Intensive Study (8 Credits)

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Environmental Conservation Cohort and Leadership Seminars (2 credits)

Courses explore personal environmental ethic. Also a professional development course for Environmental Conservation graduate students. Introduces students to critical aspects of communication, negotiation, and cross-cultural professional practice as they relate to Environmental Conservation. This course provides powerful foundational learning, concepts, and approaches in becoming an effective environmental leader.

Conservation of Biodiversity (3 credits)

Surveys the scientific knowledge, concepts, and models that are the basis for the applied practice for the conservation of biodiversity. The course includes attention to the interactions of humans with nature, and how conservation science is used to formulate policy and guide conservation actions. Applied case study analysis and planetary health discussions allow students to explore techniques and applications of conservation science.

Land Use Policy and Planning (3 credits)

Critical evaluation and analysis of land use policies and programs in relation to comprehensive planning and growth management issues in the United States. Course also discusses the important role of legislative and judicial processes, as well as emerging public land use social values and philosophies in the development, regulation, and effectuation of innovative land use policies. Alternative land policy and growth guidance systems of select European countries also discussed.