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Our program’s 32-credit curriculum is designed to train conservation leaders in practical interdisciplinary skills. Advance your leadership, conservation and environmental management expertise with curricula in conservation planning, land use policy, high-demand skills like GIS and grant writing, and through professional skills development.

Here’s how the 15-month curriculum program breaks down each semester.

First Summer, In Person at UW-Madison

Kick off the summer with a two-week intensive seminar that includes:

Summer On-Campus Intensive Study
8 Credits

Fall Semester, In Person at UW-Madison

Dive in to working with real clients on pressing conservation challenges, developing crucial skills in conservation planning using the Conservation Standards. Further your effectiveness through professional development in cross-cultural communication, diversity/equity/inclusion/justice, media and outreach training, presentations, and facilitation. Round out your experience in the areas you want to go deeper in, specializing through chosen elective coursework.

11 Credits

Spring Semester, Distance Learning

Distance learning provides flexibility to return home, head to your project site early, or manage your course schedule as you need to. Many students remain in Madison to join our in-person, yet virtually accessible, discussions weekly.

9 Credits

First 5-week session:

Second 5-week session:

Third 5-week session:

Second Summer Semester, Located at Individual Project Site

4 Credits

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