Environmental Observation and Informatics

How to Apply

Priority deadline: December 1
Secondary deadline for international applicants: February 1
Secondary deadline for domestic applicants: April 1

Applications received after the December 1 priority deadline will be reviewed at the end of each month. International applicants should contact the EOI program coordinator as soon as possible to ensure all paperwork and documents are included. For questions regarding applications, please contact us.

Applications are submitted online through the UW-Madison Graduate School. When applying, select the summer term for the calendar year you are applying for (e.g. summer 2019), then choose Environmental Observation and Informatics in the drop-down tab. Prospective students who apply by December 1 will be informed of their admissions status by late January.

Required qualifications:

Complete applications must include the following:

  1. Resume or CV
  2. Statement of interest
  3. Two letters of recommendation (submitted via the online application)
  4. Unofficial undergraduate transcripts (official transcripts will be requested prior to final acceptance)
  5. Professional portfolio (see below for more information)
  6. IELTS or TOEFL scores (if applicable, see below)
  7. GRE scores (if applicable, see below)

Professional Portfolio

As part of the online supplemental application, applicants will submit a portfolio that showcases their quantitative or GIS experience. The portfolio should consist of documents that will help assess each applicant’s proficiency and readiness for the program. Examples of these documents can include:


For international applicants whose bachelor’s degree is not in English, IELTS or TOEFL scores are required. Please view the UW-Madison Graduate School requirements for complete information.

GRE scores

Scores are requested only if applicants do not meet all three of the following requirements:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 credits
  2. Undergraduate degree with a quantitative component, such as a bachelor of science degree
  3. Professional quantitative experience

Please contact the program coordinator if you are unsure if you meet these requirements.

Steps for Applying as an International Student

The timeline from notice of admission to the program in mid-January to securing your student visa can take several months. Our programs start on the first Monday in June every year. Plan ahead and stay organized to make the process of securing your student visa easier. The following steps provide an overview of the process. Please communicate with the program coordinator if you have any questions or issues during this process.
  1. Apply to the program following the specific guidelines for each program (application window is July 1 through December 1 for priority admission)
  2. Receive decision from the EC or EOI program about your admission status (mid-January)
  3. If admitted, the UW-Madison Graduate School will request that you send your official transcripts*
  4. The UW-Madison Graduate School will also require that you show financial proof in the form of official bank statements or funding letters, to secure your I-20 for student visa purposes*
  5. UW-Madison Graduate School will confirm your admission to UW-Madison (if you are admitted to the EC or EOI program on probation this final confirmation may take longer)
  6. Once the UW-Madison Graduate School receives your proof of sufficient funds they will process your 1-20 (make sure you use the express mail/eShip Global option the UW-Madison Graduate School offers so you receive your I-20 as quick as possible)
  7. Once you have your I-20, schedule an appointment for your visa interview and pay the required SEVIS fee*
  8. Pick up your visa and get ready to come to Madison
*Please have your official transcript and bank statements or fellowship papers ready to send to UW-Madison after your notice of admission from the program. Once you receive your 1-20, be prepared to pay the SEVIS fee at schedule your visa interview.