The ESSA Listserver

The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies maintains the Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA) listserv. This listserv was founded by students, and is now managed as a student service by Nelson Institute staff. The primary purpose is to foster informal communication and community among students and alumni. ESSA is a forum for topics on student housing, items for sale, information about non-political environmental local gatherings or events, and discussions of environmental issues. The listserv is open to all persons interested.

We ask users to abide by the following simple guidelines:

  1. Please do not post political events, lobbying opportunities, or political opinions on pending legislation on the listserv.
  2. Please avoid electioneering in support of or against any specific candidate.
  3. Please be respectful of others on the list.

Moderators of the listserv, in their respective and reasonable discretion, reserve the right to remove or suspend any listserv members or posts that fall outside the stated guidelines.

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