The Commons – August 2023

  • Meet the UCY crew: (L-R) Abigail Becker, Paul Robbins, Lori DiPrete Brown, Gavin Luter, Joel Rogers, Shelly Strom. Photo by Hedi LaMarr Photography

    Government, Meet Academia

    Six years after the conclusion of its inaugural partnership with the city of Monona, UniverCity Year has partnered with 29 Wisconsin communities, connecting local governments with UW–Madison resources. 

  • Kata Beilin

    Now Showing: Maya Land: Listening to the Bees

    Like many other Indigenous groups, the Maya don’t view nature as a resource to take from, but as a collection of subjects to build reciprocal relationships with.

  • The Sky’s the Limit STEM camp participant Tyler uses a magnifying glass to count tree rings. Photo by Jeff Miller, University Communications

    Learning without Limits

    Our exploration crew has safely landed on the alien planet called “Earth.”

  • Nicole Leotaud

    Boots on the Sand

    On the north coast of Trinidad, there’s a long, remote stretch of beach.

  • Steph Tai

    Finding the Fun in Bureaucracy

    At the end of the spring semester, the Nelson Institute welcomed the newest member of the senior leadership team: Steph Tai, professor of law, who joined the institute as its associate dean for education and faculty affairs.

  • Winkler-Schor with a kitten while conducting research. Photo courtesy of Sophia Winkler-Schor

    The Psychology of Sustainable Farming

    Nelson Institute environment and resources PhD student Sophia Winkler-Schor has spent most of her life fascinated with both the environment and Latin America.

  • A diagram illustrating the waviness of the jet stream.

    Jon Martin Q&A

    Growing up in northeastern Massachusetts, the frequent winter snowstorms (and days off from school that accompanied them) piqued Jon Martin’s interest as a kid.

  • Travis Blomberg

    An On-Track Diversion

    If Travis Blomberg is successful, only 10 percent of UW–Madison’s waste will end up in a landfill.

  • Butterfly landing on Sanchez-Mora's nose. Photo courtesy of Angelica Sanchez-Mora

    EC Graduate and Board of Visitors Member Helps connect People to Urban Green Spaces

    Hidden among the pavement and large buildings of many urban areas are small but sacred green spaces. From a young age Angélica Sánchez-Mora was able to appreciate both urban and rural living. Now, she works to help connect those living in urban spaces to the slices of nature around them.

  • The Impact of Climate Change on Walleye

    Learn why one of Wisconsin's most important native fish species is at risk - and what can be done to help.