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Requirements and Forms (M.S.)

Listed below are the Environment and Resources (formerly Land Resources) M.S. program requirements and forms. This is a combination of PDF files, web pages and Microsoft Word template document forms.

All of the forms are provided in Microsoft Word template document format. The Word forms take advantage of "fill-in" capabilities.

These electronic forms are not submitted or routed electronically. When you have completed your form online, you should print a copy of the document for committee signatures and final approval by our office and the Chair. Our office will only take paper copies of this document for approval.

If you have any questions about the procedure for completing and submitting these forms or have issues with accessing the forms, contact Jim Miller (608) 263-4373. If you are using Internet Explorer and have trouble opening a copy of a form, right click on the link and use the "save target as" option.

Year 1


Advisor and committee: (obtain advisor at the time of admissions and complete the three-member committee, including the advisor, by the end of your second semester)

Curriculum and Research

Program Requirements

Human Subjects

Certification (by end of second semester)

Year 2 to Graduation

Completion of course work and research/internship

Notify Academic Programs Office of graduation