The Commons – July 2023

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    Nelson Around the World

    Although the Nelson Institute is housed within Science Hall at 550 North Park Street, our faculty, students, and alumni are sharing our mission and conducting research internationally.

  • Photos courtesy of UW Archives

    Science Hall: A History

    Science Hall is a building that bares its soul, says Daniel Einstein, historic and cultural resources manager at UW–Madison and graduate of the Nelson Institute.

  • Kucharik helping during installation of a lysimeter in the Wisconsin Central Sands at Isherwood Farms.

    Meet Chris Kucharik

    Chris Kucharik is an expert in both atmospheric sciences and land management and ecology.

  • A New Perspective

    It’s 61 degrees — a warm 61 — with mostly sunny skies save for a haze brought down by the Canadian wildfires.

  • Delight versus Displacement

    For students in Environmental Studies 922: Historical and Cultural Methods in Environmental Research, research doesn’t take place in a lab or a library.

  • Martha Goodell

    All Risk, All Reward

    When Martha Goodell sat down in Science Hall for her first class as a Nelson Institute graduate student, she did as any new student would do — chatted with the person sitting next to her.

  • Paper co-authored by UW–Madison professor and student receives Frontiers Planet Prize

    In spring 2023, Nelson Institute faculty member Holly Gibbs and Seth Spawn-Lee, a UW–Madison graduate research assistant and member of the Gibbs Land Use and Environment Lab, worked on a team that published a paper featured in Nature Food.

  • Alpha Advocate

    As a kid, Francisco Santiago-Ávila had a plan to become a priest.

  • Eddinger (left) while working in the Conservation Corps after graduating from his undergraduate studies. Photo provided by Jesse Eddinger

    Continuing a Legacy

    Being out in nature and working with the land is within graduate student Jesse Eddinger’s genes.

  • Moving Forward on Climate Action

    After its initial assessment report, the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts looks to the future.

  • Awarding Arctic Research

    Christian Andresen will measure the impact of climate change on carbon emissions from Arctic wetlands.

  • Art for All

    UniverCity Year projects propel Wisconsin Rapids toward public arts culture.