Director’s Cut: Sean Schoville

A quarterly update from Sean Schoville, director of the Center for Ecology and the Environment.

Schoville (center) helped create a mobile app called Yosemite Butterflies, an interactive field guide to the park’s unique butterfly fauna. Photos courtesy of Sean Schoville
Photos courtesy of Sean Schoville

It has been a great year for the Center for Ecology and the Environment (CEE)! 

We held a wonderful series of symposia (fall and spring) that were well attended, and we provided a broad range of events for undergraduate and graduate student engagement in the ecological research community. 

Highlights of our work include:

  • An undergraduate job fair for ecological research on and off campus
  • Graduate student recruitment and cohort-building events
  • Leadership opportunities for graduate students, including a graduate student symposium in the spring that showcases recent grads and undergraduate research
  • Events that highlight new faculty members and help build collaborations across campus

I want to thank our executive committee members for their hard work this year: Aldo Arellano, Jamie Botsch, Roberto Carrera-Martínez, James Crall, Zac Freedman, Sara Hotchkiss, Dana Johnson, Carson Keller, Cooper Rosin, Wendy Turner, Jesse Weber, Kyle Webert, and Benjamin Zuckerberg.

As we move into the next few years, we hope to continue strengthening our community by broadening our interaction with interdisciplinary units across campus and increasing community engagement outside of the UW, with government, tribal, and non-profit stakeholders. A particular goal is to strengthen programming that focuses on conservation biology and improves interdisciplinary research in the natural and social sciences at UW–Madison. We also hope to develop a small grants program to support graduate student research and expand our undergraduate club (“WILD-SEEDS,” or Wisconsin Idea Leadership Development in Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability). These activities will be led by our incoming director, Benjamin Zuckerberg (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), an internationally-recognized expert in climate change ecology and wildlife conservation.

Sean Schoville
Out-going Director,
Center for Ecology and the Environment