CCR Director Dan Vimont featured in L&S Magazine

Dan VimontDirector of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research (CCR) and the co-director if the Wisconsin initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI), Dan Vimont was featured in L&S Magazine. In the article, he discusses his concerns surrounding climate change and the work he is doing to better understand it and mitigate its harmful impacts. He also outlines the ways in which his research has evolved to meet the challenges of climate change and the outreach he is doing to help local leaders and lawmakers understand climate science.

“I evolved from being a pure climate scientist into recognizing how climate science interacts with other fields in order to ask new questions,” he says. “Back in the early 2000s, there was a sense that climate scientists are going to tell you what the climate is going to be, and others will use that information to make good decisions. It doesn’t work that way.”

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