The Reproducibility Crisis and Open Science in Environmental Studies

Aerial view of a pack of wolves spread out over a snow-covered prairie

Thursday, 11 a.m.–12:55 p.m.
3 credits


Adrian Treves
Professor, Environmental Studies; Director, Carnivore Coexistence Lab

Course Description

Why trust science? Examine critically the strengths and weaknesses of Western science in light of new efforts at overcoming the reproducibility crisis. (Many scientific fields grapple with major findings that cannot be repeated.) Examine successes and failures in fostering open science, focusing on ecological research in its broadest sense including social sciences.

In line with the mission of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, take an interdisciplinary look at reproducibility and scientific integrity. Find out why and why not to rely on the scientific communications of individual researchers and interest groups that showcase their preferred evidence.

Fulfills Environmental Studies


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Natural Science