Green Urbanism

Tuesday/Thursday, 9:55–10:45 a.m. + Thursday, 8:50–9:40 a.m. discussion
3 credits


Asli Gocmen
Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

Course Description

Over half of the world’s seven and a half billion population live in urban areas. In the next 30 years, the number living in urban areas is expected increase by 2.5 billion. This growth will have an inevitable impact on our natural resources and the quality of city life. How can we plan, design, and develop urban areas to minimize negative environmental impacts? How do we enhance the sustainability, livability, and resiliency of our cities?

In this course, we will examine the leading environmental design strategies, tools, and policies developed to answer these questions at different scales from neighborhood sites to metropolitan regions around the world.

Meets with Geography 475.

Fulfills Environmental Studies


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Social Science