Julia Halstead

What is your major? Mathematics, environmental studies, cartography and GIS, and engineering for energy sustainability

Expected graduation: May 2024

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? Growing up I really enjoyed exploring a nature and was always very fascinated with the lakes that surrounded where I grew up (Poygan, Winneconne, Butte des Morts, and Winnebago). However, I was not overly exposed to the field of environmental studies during my high school education. Throughout my time here studying at UW I have gained a deeper appreciation for the environment through some of the amazing classes that are offered through the Nelson Institute. Initially, I started my career here at UW studying mathematics. This helped me to grow a strong appreciation for problem solving and learning skills that have a wide range of applications.

Specifically, I think mathematics has helped me not only to be more logical but also more creative with the way I solve problems. Through this I decided I wanted to widen my areas of study in the hopes of being able to connect my majors. An important lesson that strives my educational aspirations is that environmental issues are often interdisciplinary and require diverse backgrounds of knowledge to solve. Therefore, I decided to add on both cartography and GIS and engineering for energy sustainability. Overall, I hope to continue growing within my studies surrounding environmental issues.