London Bates

What is your major? Community and environmental sociology with a certificate in sustainability

Expected graduation: May 2025

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? I have always enjoyed STEM, it was my senior year of high school when I decided to pursue the environmental sciences. After I took Envir St 339 – Environmental Conservation during the fall of 2021, I learned more about environmental conservation approaches, biodiversity, environmental justice, etc. From that point on, my passion for the environment, resource conservation and social and environmental justice grew.

Being a part of a marginalized community and growing up in the inner city, I can attest to the necessity of a strategy for sustainability and equality initiatives. This being a result of food insecurity, limited resources, lack of advocacy, and the effects of pollution on public health. I want to have a hand in the examination and completion of natural processes, I also want to advocate for communities that have limited access to the resources that are linked to these processes. I am passionate about science and how it plays a part in shaping the world around us. Each learning experience opens my eyes to how strong our connection is to the world around us.