Salt Tips

Person walking on salted sidewalk.Did You Know? 

It only takes one teaspoon of salt to pollute five gallons of water to a level that is toxic to freshwater organisms, according to Wisconsin Salt Wise. 

To practice safe salting use this winter, follow these tips: 

  1. Clear walkways before snow turns to ice. The more snow that is removed, the less salt will be needed to melt ice and the more effective it will be. 
  2. If you’re using salt to melt ice, scatter it so that there is space between the grains. A coffee mug of salt is enough to treat an entire 20-foot driveway or 10 sidewalk squares. 
  3. Salt doesn’t work in extremely cold temperatures. Use sand when temperatures drop below 15 degrees. 
  4. Use resources like Wisconsin Salt Wise, a statewide coalition that provides training and promotes practices that reduce salt pollution, to continue minimizing your road salt use. 

Learn more or tune into a free webinar during Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week: January 23–27, 2023.