Meet Steve Ventura

Geographic information systems, public participation GIS, urban agriculture, bioenergy cropping, landscape process modeling, land and resource tenure, GIS and land use planning.

UW-Madison, Department of Soil Science
1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1299, USA
Office: 433 King Hall

Phone: 608.262.6416
Fax: 608.265.2595


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Awards and Honors

Teaching and Research Overview

In the fall, I teach Soils/Environmental Studies capstone – an applied problem-solving course typically centered on a problem of soil resource management. In the spring, I alternate between Assessment of Environmental Impact (even years) and Applications of GIS in Natural Resources (odd years). The former covers the environmental impact process, with emphasis on natural resources and agricultural systems. The latter provides a broad overview of GIS applications and techniques in a variety of environmental and resource management applications.

Current research includes:

Selected Publications

Olson, E. and S. Ventura (2012). “Geospatial Methods to Examine Shoreline Erosion in the Chippewa Flowage A Case Study” Lake and Reservoir Management 28(2):170-175.

Ventura, S., S. Hull, R. Jackson, G. Radloff, D. Sample, S. Walling, and C. Williams (2012) “Guidelines for Sustainable Planting and Harvest of Nonforest Biomass in Wisconsin.” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 67(1):17A-20A

Chi, G. and S.J. Ventura (2011) “Population Change and Its Driving Factors in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Areas of Wisconsin, USA, 1970-2000.” International Journal of Population Research, vol. 2011, 14 pages. doi:10.1155/2011/856534, accessed at

Olson, E.R., S.J. Ventura, and J.B. Zedler (20xx). “Merging Geospatial and Field Data to Predict the Distribution and Abundance of an Exotic Macrophyte in a Large Wisconsin Reservoir.” Aquatic Botany 96(1):31-41

Chi, G. and S.J. Ventura (2011). “An Integrated Framework of Population Change: Influential Factors, Spatial Dynamics, and Temporal Variation.” Growth and Change, 42(4):549-570.

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Olson, E.R., S.J. Ventura, and J.B. Zedler (20xx). “Influences on the distribution and abundance of an invasive aquatic macrophyte in a large Wisconsin reservoir.” Diversity and Distributions, accepted.

Arrington, K.E., S.J. Ventura, and J.M. Norman, (20xx). “Developing Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Estimates that Include Macropore Flow.” Soil Science of America Journal, in review.

Gocmen, Z.A., and S.J. Ventura (2010). “Challenges to GIS Use in Planning: The Case of Public Planning Agencies in Wisconsin.” Journal of the American Planning Association. 76(2):172-183.