Soil & Water Conservationist

Ozaukee County


30% Conducts activities associated with the implementation of soil erosion, soil health and animal waste management practices aimed to preserve soil productivity and/or reduce non-point source water pollution. Identify and contact priority landowners to discuss resource management problems and provides alternatives and cost estimates to reduce their impact. Coordinate educational programs; develop promotional materials and assist with social media.

30% Assist with implementation of County Land & Water Resource Management Plan & Nine Key Element Plans. Prepare aerial maps in ArcGIS for conservation plans and general information. Conducts resource inventories, tracks progress and update computer files on changes in land management and ownership. Track landowner compliance with state performance standards and prohibitions. Maintain accurate computer data base and prepares reports as necessary. Prepare and/or revise landowner conservation plans that meet the technical standards, requirements of applicable programs, and/or state performance standards and prohibitions.

25% Performs field surveys, produces engineered plans of best management practices following federal, state and local specifications. If costs are involved, may develop a cost-share agreement with the landowner. Coordinate pre-construction conferences, serve as Quality Control Inspector during construction, and certifies the proper installation of conservation practices. Assist the landowner in receiving cost-share payments and coordinates all bills and associated paperwork. Implement applicable MS4 Stormwater Permit requirements.

10% Operate survey equipment, conduct soil investigations and utilizes computer design programs and other references needed to design and develop a construction plan for the conservation practice. Apply appropriate technical standards and specifications for all designs. Assist with administering Clean Sweep Program.

bPerforms other duties as assigned.

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