Resource Conservationist

Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department

To contribute to the mission of the department, the Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department is currently hiring a Resource Conservationist to provide direction and experience in the management of land and water resources. As an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate individual, you will be successful in this role while completing the below key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Implements the Farmland Preservation Program to enable landowners to obtain tax credits; develops and revises conservation plans; assures that plans are written according to standards; manages compliance and evaluation monitoring and annual certification including site visits; and prepares annual reports for State Agencies.
  • Implements cost-sharing programs that protect water resources, prevent erosion, and build soil health; assists landowners and operators with practice selection, assists with engineering of practices, completes contracts and maintenance agreements, assists with State and County permits if applicable, inspects installation of practice to ensure compliance with relevant standards, and assists with financial aspects of the programs.
  • Investigates and responds to citizen complaints and concerns involving water pollution, wetland disturbance, excess manure spreading, manure runoff, and other agricultural and resource concerns.
  • Trains farmers how to write their own nutrient management plans.
  • Oversees the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program including contract development.

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