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Peregrines of Chicago and Beyond: Back from the Brink

At a Glance

Tuesday, February 21
7:00 PM
Speaker: Mary Hennen, Assistant Collections Manager, Gantz Family Collections Center, The Field Museum

H.F. DeLuca Forum
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Emily Reynolds

Once on the Endangered Species List and extirpated in Illinois from 1951 until 1986, the Peregrine Falcon population is now soaring past historic levels. This presentation will take us through the monumental recovery of the Peregrines in Illinois. As the majority of the population now lives in an urban habitat, learn what it means for people to live in close proximity - even as close as a nest on a window-ledge - to this remarkable bird.

Mary Hennen has worked in the Bird Collection in some capacity (at times student, volunteer, or staff), since 1989. Much of her time is spent with skeletal prep including managing the Bird's Dermestid colonies. Her primary work outside of the bird collection is with Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus).