Nelson Institute students involved in FIG course "Listening to Land: Indigenous Education, Language, and Foodways”

November 25, 2020

This fall, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offered the First-Year Interest Group (FIG) “Listening to Land: Indigenous Education, Language, and Foodways” for the first time. This FIG links three courses, Educational Policy Studies 150, American Indian Studies 301, and Nelson Institute Environmental Studies 126, which was taught by Tim Lindstrom, a recent graduate of the Environment & Resources and certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy programs.

Like most FIGs, this course was limited to 20 students, with 15 forming this particular cohort. Throughout the course, students met virtually with one outdoor, socially-distanced session per week. During this session the students roasted Oneida white corn, learned how to dance on parched wild rice, toured campus-area effigy mounds, braided corn husks, and more. Read more.