Survey offers a new look at Wisconsin logging

November 5, 2012

Wisconsin's logging business is following the same trend as many other industries: Fewer, larger, more mechanized operations. 

That's according to a survey of owners of Wisconsin logging enterprises conducted last year by a team led by Mark Rickenbach, professor and extension specialist in the UW-Madison Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology and a faculty affiliate of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

"One of the challenges that the industry faced in the last ten years was an aging workforce and a reduction in the number of people in the logging business," Rickenbach says. "That trend is going to continue, and so I think the challenge is: How do you recruit a rural workforce that wants to work in this industry? A big piece of that is mechanization-being able to make that easier so that people aren't necessarily out there running a chainsaw all day."

Among the findings:

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