"Certified Success": National Wildlife Federation spotlights Nelson Institute student research

April 4, 2012

Research by Steffenie Widows, a recent graduate of the Nelson Institute Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development program (M.S. ’11), is the subject of a National Wildlife Federation article in the April/May 2012 issue of the organization’s magazine National Wildlife.

Steffenie Widows

As part of her master’s program, Widows evaluated the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat® program, investigating properties in the Orlando, Fla. area.

Her goal was to determine whether certified yards provide wildlife habitat not available in noncertified yards and if that additional habitat benefited native wildlife.

Widows found significant differences between both the quantity and quality of habitat in certified versus non-certified yards, determining that certified yards offer more habitat and sustain more wildlife than other properties nearby.

Compared with noncertified yards, for instance, the certified yards have many more places for wildlife to raise young and they provide more shelter or cover and food and water sources.

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NWF Certified Success