Cronon op-ed featured in New York Times

March 22, 2011

Historian offers perspective on state's political strife In a New York Times op-ed published on Tuesday, March 22, William Cronon describes Wisconsin's current political battle over budget priorities, collective bargaining and other volatile issues as a break from the state's traditions in both substance and tone. Cronon, director of the Nelson Institute Center for Culture, History and Environment and a professor of history, geography, and environmental studies, traces Wisconsin's record of progressive politics, bi-partisan innovation and transparency in government and contrasts it with the polarization gripping today's political discourse. He argues for a return to a civil tone more in line with Wisconsin's values and norms. "Wisconsinites have long believed that common problems deserve common solutions, and that when something needs fixing, we should roll up our sleeves and work together — no matter what our politics — to achieve the common good," Cronon states in the opinion piece. The op-ed is available online at the New York Times.