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Students of the world

Globally and across disciplines, study opportunities span the world

Fall 2016

For Nelson Institute students, opportunities for engagement and community-based learning span the globe.

Among current undergraduate environmental studies students, 35 percent of majors and 24 percent of certificate students have studied abroad or will do so in the fall semester. Their destinations cross the world, as displayed in this map.

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environmentalism abroad

Both globally and across disciplines (the environmental studies major and certificate are pursued simultaneously with another major), the study opportunities are nearly limitless, from archaeology to organic agriculture and from biodiversity to business and society. “It’s almost impossible to go somewhere and not find at least one course on the environment,” says Becky Ryan, the institute’s undergraduate advisor.

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The map below shows the locations of environmental studies students participating in UW-Madison-sponsored study abroad programs from summer 2013 to fall 2016.


Nelson Institute study abroad map

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