In Memoriam: Maggie Stewart

July 2, 2019

Margaret Ann (Maggie) Stewart passed away at her parents’ home in South Milwaukee  on June 10. Maggie was a 2016 graduate of the Nelson Institute’s Environmental Conservation Master’s Program and a 2014 graduate of the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. Maggie worked with The International Crane foundation for her EC project. After finishing her Master’s Degree, Maggie went to work as an assistant big game biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Maggie struggled with a brain tumor while she was a student here and evidently achieved a remission. This past fall, her coworkers noticed some neurological symptoms and Maggie left work and returned home  to deal with a re-occurrence of the tumor. Maggie was an avid birder and wildlife enthusiast. She was immensely proud of her UW degrees and will be remembered for the joy and enthusiasm that she brought to everything that she did.

Our condolences to her family and friends.

Link to her obituary: