Rethinking the economy to protect the environment

April 26, 2019

The 2019 Sustainable Success lecture series brought together industry and government experts to discuss the benefits and challenges of a circular economy. Hosted by the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, the panel titled, “Business not as usual: Stewards of a sustainable circular economy the financial and environmental benefits of a circular economy,” included Mathy Stanislaus, a Circular Economy Fellow at the World Resources Institute, Jeff Zeman, the Principal Environmental Engineer at Kohler Company, and Brian Wycklendt, the Director of Lead and Recycling Strategy at Johnson Controls, Inc.

The latest in sustainable resource management, a circular economy lengthens the life-cycle of products and resources by embracing the age-old adage reduce, reuse, recycle. A circular economy essentially explores the idea that economic growth is not tied directly to the use of finite natural resources, but that instead, material and resources can be reused and recycled in innovative ways that promote progress and economic growth. Read more.