Janet Silbernagel: The calling of the cranes

July 13, 2016

Before the Abstract, a website that shares real-life stories from researchers on the front lines of discovery, recently published a podcast recorded live with Janet Silbernagel, director of professional programs at the Nelson Institute and professor of landscape architecture and environmental studies. 

In Silbernagel‘s story, personal and professional worlds collide in China, where cranes begin to stretch her perception of connections across landscapes. A landscape ecologist with a design background, Silbernagel specializes in landscape conservation strategies, applying landscape ecological theory, scenario modeling, and geospatial analyses. 

Before the Abstract highlights the importance and utility of storytelling in science, offering authors and potential authors the opportunity to talk about their real-life experiences as researchers, in their own words. 

At the Nelson Institute, Silbernagel directs the professional master’s program in Environmental Conservation, which is designed to train conservation leaders in practical interdisciplinary skills. Through these roles and her research, Silbernagel travels between the Great Lakes, Europe and China.

Listen to the podcast.