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Tackling Ebola on many fronts

October 29, 2014

Nelson Institute faculty affiliates Gregg Mitman, Richard Keller and Tony Goldberg are among a cohort of researchers and physicians in the UW-Madison Global Health Institute (GHI) community who have personally and professionally confronted the Ebola outbreak and are looking for ways to avoid the next crisis.

GHI Advisory members Mitman, a Vilas Research and William Coleman Professor of history, history of science, medical history and environmental studies, and Keller, a professor of medical history and bioethics, make clear the colonial roots of the response to Ebola, challenging their students and the community to see more than stereotypes.

As medical historians, Mitman and Keller bring the perspective of history and the power of story to the Ebola crisis.

GHI Associate Director Tony Goldberg, a professor of epidemiology in the School of Veterinary Medicine, is looking at human interactions to understand how diseases like Ebola spread. Goldberg’s research focus is in Uganda, studying primate viruses and how human behaviors might place people and primates at risk of acquiring infections from each other.

Read more about their work, and how other members of the UW-Madison community are confronting this deadly disease, on the Global Health Institute website