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Climate Wisconsin: Stories from a state of change

December 13, 2010

Wisconsin's Educational Communications Board (ECB) has produced a series of videos to support teaching and learning about climate change in Wisconsin.

Called Climate Wisconsin: Stories from a State of Change, the 12-part series highlights expected climate-change impacts in a diversity of realms ranging from public health to farming and from recreational fishing to Great Lakes shipping.

Designed to be accessible in a variety of formats, the videos can be viewed on the host web site or streamed and downloaded on Teachers' Domain, a free digital media service for educational use. The stories from across Wisconsin were documented over 10 months beginning in February, 2010.

All stories are supported by research in collaboration with the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts. Background essays and teaching tips were developed in collaboration with the Nelson Institute and the Center for Biology Education at UW-Madison. The ECB plans, develops, constructs and operates statewide public radio, public television, and educational telecommunication systems. Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television are services of the ECB and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.