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The growing mismatch between freshwater resources and demand calls for better understanding of the water cycle, and its links to human activities. SAGE research focuses on the physical basis of hydrologic cycles, and also on the dynamic relationships between water and agriculture, climate and health, including socio-economic factors. SAGE researchers continually develop, refine and use computer models to investigate topics such as phosphorus pollution in local watersheds, trade-offs of water and carbon in biofuel production, and large basin-scale water management.

SAGE Principal Investigators

Chris Kucharik, Mutlu Ozdogan

Collaborators (at UW–Madison unless otherwise noted)

Christina Anderson, Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association
Brian Austin, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Eric Booth, Department of Agronomy
Laura Bowling, Purdue University
Sylvie Brouder, Purdue University
Steve Carpenter, Department of Zoology, Center for Limnology
Claudio Gratton, Department of Entomology, Wisconsin Energy Institute
Paul Hanson, Center for Limnology
Tom Hertel, Purdue University
George Kraft, UW-Stevens Point
Steve Loheide, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kevin Masarik UW-Stevens Point
Tim Meehan, Department of Entomology
Navin Ramankutty, University of British Columbia
Adena Rissman, Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology
Emily Stanley, Department of Zoology
Phil Townsend, Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology
Monica Turner, Department of Zoology
Jim Vanden Brook, Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association
Jake Vander Zanden, Department of Zoology
Jeff Volenec, Purdue University

Current Projects

Agroecosystem Modeling in Support of Wisconsin's Nitrate Initiative
Sponsor: Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

Belmont Forum Collaborative Research: Hydro-social and environmental impacts of sugar cane production on land use and food security 
Sponsor: NSF
SAGE Investigator: Mutlu Ozdogan

Climate Change, Shifting Land Use, and Urbanization in a Midwestern Agricultural Landscape: Challenges for Water Quality and Quantity 
Sponsor: NSF
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

Creating a safe operating space for resilient food-energy-water (FEW) systems in the Upper Midwest
Sponsor: UW-Madison Bridge to the Future Program
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

Landscape Structure and Natural Pest-suppression Services in Bioenergy Landscapes: Implications for Regional Food and Fuel Production 
Sponsor: USDA
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

LTER: Comparative study of a suite of lakes in Wisconsin
Sponsor: NSF
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

Project Nile: Distributed hydrological information for water management in the Nile basin
Sponsor: NASA
SAGE Investigator: Mutlu Ozdogan

Quantifying the effectiveness of irrigation management strategies to increase crop water use efficiency in the Wisconsin Central Sands
Sponsor: USDA Hatch
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik