Public Health

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Connections between human health and environmental conditions are undeniable, yet our society commonly reacts to, rather than anticipates, these problems. Early prediction demands understanding of the underlying (often environmental) determinants. SAGE conducts research and training to grapple with the challenge of finding health solutions for today's populations without jeopardizing the health of future generations. SAGE catalyzes strategic interdisciplinary approaches throughout the UW-Madison campus, including Center for Climatic Research, Department of Population Health Sciences, Global Health Institute, the School of Veterinary Medicine, and The International Institute, as well as the USGS National Wildlife Health Center and other partner institutions.

SAGE Principal Investigators

Tracey Holloway, Jonathan Patz, Jason Vargo

Collaborators (at UW–Madison unless otherwise noted)

Steve Ackerman, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Kirk Baker, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Megan Christenson, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Paula Tran Inzeo, Interdisciplinary Studies
David Liebl, Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
Colleen Moran, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Mark Moss, Department of Pediatrics
Rob Kaleel, Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium
Kristen Malecki, Department of Population Health Sciences
Brad Pierce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Dan Vimont, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Rose Vrtis, Department of Pediatrics
Ben Zuckerberg, Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Current Projects

Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Team
Sponsor: NASA
SAGE Investigator: Tracey Holloway

Bird's-Eye View of Air Pollution: How Avian Life May Be Impacted by Common Ground-Level Pollutants
Sponsor: NSF Graduate Fellowship
SAGE Investigator: Olivia Sanderfoot

Survey of Climate Change Knowledge Among Wisconsin Physicians
Sponsor: Wisconsin Department of Health Services
SAGE Investigator: Jason Vargo