closeup of solar panels

SAGE investigators study the environmental and human health impacts of energy use and production, and explore new ways to meet global energy demand. This research builds on ongoing work in energy technology and policy, air quality, climate change, bioenergy, land use, agriculture, and public health, and helps to inform energy decision-making at the state, national, and international levels. Energy activities at SAGE tie closely to the Energy Analysis and Policy (EAP) Graduate Certificate Program offered through the Nelson Institute, and to the Wisconsin Energy Institute

SAGE Principal Investigators

Holly Gibbs, Tracey Holloway, Chris Kucharik, Greg Nemet, Mutlu Ozdogan

Collaborators (at UW-Madison unless otherwise noted)

Steve Ackerman, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Eric Booth, Department of Agronomy
Barbara Bramble, National Wildlife Federation
Steve Carpenter, Department of Zoology
Ken Gillingham, Yale University
Claudio Gratton, Department of Entomology
Steve Loheide, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tim Meehan, Department of Entomology
Karsten Neuhoff, German Institute for Economic Research
Varun Rai, University of Texas – Austin
Adena Rissman, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Tobias Schmidt, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich)
Jan Steckel, Mercator Research Institute for Global Commons and Climate Change
Philip Townsend, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Monica Turner, Department of Zoology
Ryan Wiser, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Current Projects

Belmont Forum Collaborative Research: Hydro-social and Environmental Impacts of Sugar Cane Production on Land Use and Food Security
Sponsor: NSF
SAGE Investigator: Mutlu Ozdogan

Creating a safe operating space for resilient food-energy-water (FEW) systems in the Upper Midwest
Sponsor: UW-Madison Bridge to the Future Program
SAGE Investigator: Chris Kucharik

Deep Dive Solar Cost Analysis
Sponsor: DoE / Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Academic Partners Program
SAGE Investigator: Greg Nemet

Knowledge Spillovers and Cost Reductions in Solar Soft Costs
Sponsor: DoE
SAGE Investigator: Greg Nemet

NASA Health Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (HAQAST)
Sponsor: NASA
SAGE Investigator: Tracey Holloway

Promoting Deforestation-free Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains and the Link to Jurisdictional REDD+ Frameworks
Sponsor: National Wildlife Federation & Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
SAGE Investigator: Holly Gibbs

The Zero Deforestation Revolution: Breaking the Link Between Commodity Agriculture and Forest Loss
Sponsor: National Wildlife Federation & Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
SAGE Investigator: Holly Gibbs