Limaye USA map

Warming summers grow more deadly.

Study by SAGE staff and alumni predicts thousands of additional deaths in U.S. by mid-century.

Brazilian road and forest

Tyler Lark Presents at Congressional Briefing

Sponsored by the Safe Climate Caucus on the environmental impacts of the Renewable Fuels Standard

cricket powder

Eat your crickets; they're good for you!

Study by Valerie Stull shows that 25 grams per day of whole cricket powder increases probiotic bacteria in the gut of healthy adults.

NYC underwater

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Coastal Internet

Barford co-authors study of internet infrastructure and sea level rise through the year 2100, with largest effects in the next two decades.

Latest News

October 08, 2018
As Global Temperatures Rise, So Will Mental Health Issues
Jonathan Patz comments on this study.
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August 31, 2018
New Paper Published in EcoHealth
"Climate Change and Heat-Related Excess Mortality in the Eastern USA" by SAGE scientists Vijay Limaye, Jason Vargo, Monica Harkey, Tracey Holloway, and Jonathan Patz was published in the journal EcoHealth.
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Latest Publications

2018 · J. of Applied Remote Sensing
Assessing the relationship between satellite-derived NO2 and economic growth over the 100 most populous global cities
AUTHOR(S): A. Montgomery and T. Holloway

2018 · J. Appl. Remote Sens.
Evaluation of NO2 column variations over the atmosphere of Kazakhstan using satellite data
AUTHOR(S): Darynova, Z., A. Maksot, L. Kulmukanova, M. Malekipirbazari, H. Sharifi, M.A. Torkmahalleh, and T. Holloway

2018 · EcoHealth
Climate Change and Heat-Related Excess Mortalityin the Eastern USA
AUTHOR(S): Limaye, V.S., J. Vargo, M, Harkey, T. Holloway, and J.A. Patz