Jonathan Patz at microphone

Patz named to National Academy of Medicine

Jonathan Patz was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in honor of pioneering research on the connections between climate change and human health.

cows in Brazil

Cattle Laundering in Brazilian Amazon

Gibbs Lab finds that hard-to-monitor cattle trade sparks increased burning of forest.

Health Costs of Climate Change map

Health Costs of Climate Change

U.S. climate-related events in 2012 cause over $10 billion in health-related costs.

Nemet Book Cover photo - sunset and solar panels

How Solar Energy Became Cheap

Greg Nemet's new book tells the story of solar: the long road to economic viability and the lessons learned that could speed the progress of other low-carbon technology.

Latest News

October 15, 2019
Rachel Licker to Present Talk at SAGE
Nelson Institute / SAGE alum, Rachel Licker, Senior Climate Scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists, to present a lunchtime discussion on the recent "Killer Heat" report from UCS.

October 10, 2019
Gibbs Lab Research Featured in New York Times
The Gibbs Lab research tracked outcomes from the corporate Zero-Deforestation Commitments in the Brazilian Amazon.
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Latest Publications

2019 · Sustainability Science
Research and policy priorities for edible insects
AUTHOR(S): Stull, V. and J. Patz

2019 · International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Applying Integrated Exposure-Response Functions to PM2.5 Pollution in India
AUTHOR(S): Limaye, V.S., W. Schöpp, and M. Amann

2019 · Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
Methods, availability, and applications of PM2.5 exposure estimates derived from ground measurements, satellite, and atmospheric models
AUTHOR(S): Diao, M., T. Holloway, S. Choi, S. O'Neill, M. Al-Hamdan, A. van Donkelaar, R. Martin, X. Jin, A. Fiore, D. Henze, F. Lacey, P. Kinney, F. Freedman, N. Larkin, Y. Zou, A. Vaidyanathan