soybean field in Brazil

Gibbs Paper Chosen One of ERL's 10 Best

Gibbs et al (2008) "Carbon payback times for crop-based biofuel expansion in the tropics: the effects of changing yield and technology" named 1 of 10 Milestone Papers in Environmental Research Letters First Decade.

Air Pollution

Holloway Gives Invited Talk at IGAC Meeting

Tracey Holloway presented "Energy, Air Quality, and Urbanization" at the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project 2016 Science Conference on Sept 26, 2016.

Mighti Mealworms in a bowl of food

Let Them Eat Bugs! Sustainable Food of the Future?

Valerie Stull and Rachel Bergmans investigate the potential for edible insects such as mealworms to provide a sustainable year-round protein source for food insecure populations.

yahara lakes watershed from above

Kucharik Lab Project Featured in WPT Documentary

Yahara 2070 is a research project that asks what might the Yahara Watershed surrounding Madison look like in the year 2070.

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October 19, 2016
Holloway Quoted in a Study About Greenest States
Tracey Holloway included on Expert's List in study done by
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October 05, 2016
Gibbs et al (2008) Selected as One of 10 Milestone Papers in the Journal ERL's First Decade
The paper is entitled "Carbon payback times for crop-based biofuel expansion in the tropics: the effects of changing yield and technology" and appeared in the July-September 2008 journal Environmental Research Letters.
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Latest Publications

2016 · Environmental Science & Policy
The Social and Spatial Distribution of Temperature-related Health Impacts from Urban Heat Island Reduction Policies
AUTHOR(S): Vargo J., Stone B., Habeeb D., Liu P., and Russell A.

2016 · Sustainability
Improving Heat-Related Health Outcomes in an Urban Environment with Science-based Policy
AUTHOR(S): Sailor, D., Shepard M., Sheridan S., Stone B., Russel A., Kalkstein L., Vargo J., and Andersen T.

2016 · Remote Sensing of Environment
How Universal Is the Relationship between Remotely Sensed Vegetation Indices and Crop Leaf Area Index? A Global Assessment
AUTHOR(S): Kang, Y., M. Ozdogan, S.C. Zipper, M. O. Roman, J. Walker, S.Y. Hong, M. Marshall, V. Magliulo, J. oreno, L. Alonso, A. Miyata, B. Kimball, and S.P. Loheide