NOAA artist rendering of GOES-16 satellite

Leading Scientists Offer Predictions for 2017

Dr. Tracey Holloway discusses a new GOES-16 satellite that will provide data almost continuously, improving weather predictions and environmental management.

Air Pollution

Nemet Paper Chosen One of ERL's 10 Best

Nemet et al (2010). “Implications of incorporating air-quality co-benefits into climate change policymaking” named 1 of 10 Milestone Papers in Environmental Research Letters First Decade.

soybean field in Brazil

Gibbs Paper Chosen One of ERL's 10 Best

Gibbs et al (2008) "Carbon payback times for crop-based biofuel expansion in the tropics: the effects of changing yield and technology" named 1 of 10 Milestone Papers in Environmental Research Letters First Decade.

yahara lakes watershed from above

Kucharik Lab Project Featured in WPT Documentary

Yahara 2070 is a research project that asks what might the Yahara Watershed surrounding Madison look like in the year 2070.

Latest News

January 09, 2017
State’s Revised Climate Change Statement "Simply Incorrect,” Say UW scientists
Jonathan Patz and other prominent scientists at UW-Madison op-ed published in Isthmus.
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December 07, 2016
Tyler Lark, PhD candidate, Quoted in Washington Post Article
Tyler Lark, PhD candidate in SAGE, had some great quotes in the Washington Post on the impacts of recent grassland conversion.
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Latest Publications

2017 · Earth System Dynamics
Managing fire risk during drought: the influence of certification and El Niño on fire-driven forest conversion for oil palm in Southeast Asia
AUTHOR(S): Noojipady, P., D.C. Morton, W. Schroeder, K.M Carlson, C. Huang, H. K. Gibbs, D. Burns, N.F. Walker, and S.D. Prince

2017 · Applied Energy
Characteristics of low-priced solar PV systems in the U.S.
AUTHOR(S): Nemet, G., F.E. O’Shaughnessy, R. Wiser, N. Darghouth, G. Barbose, K. Gillingham and V. Rai

2017 · Global Environmental Change
Addressing policy credibility problems for low-carbon investment
AUTHOR(S): Nemet, G.F. , M. Jakob, J.C. Steckel and O. Edenhofer