cricket powder

Eat your crickets; they're good for you!

Study by Valerie Stull shows that 25 grams per day of whole cricket powder increases probiotic bacteria in the gut of healthy adults.

NYC underwater

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Coastal Internet

Barford co-authors study of internet infrastructure and sea level rise through the year 2100, with largest effects in the next two decades.


Holloway Lab Hosts National Meeting

UW hosts the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Science Team for a national conversation on satellite data for air quality and public health.

Brazilian road and forest

Gibbs Paper Published in Nature Climate Change

“The role of supply of supply-chain initiatives in reducing deforestation”

Latest News

July 12, 2018
Tracey Holloway to be Interviewed on Science Friday
Dr. Holloway will discuss the new paper led by SAGE student David Abel on negative air pollution impacts from A/C on 7/13/18 at 12:15pm.
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July 05, 2018
Study Underscores Need for Clean Energy
Increased use of air conditioning in buildings could further degrade air quality and compound the toll of air pollution on human health.
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Latest Publications

2018 · Nature Scientific Reports
Impact of Edible Cricket Consumption on Gut Microbiota in Healthy Adults, a Double-blind, Randomized Crossover Trial
AUTHOR(S): Stull, V.J., E. Finer, R.S. Bergmans, H.P. Febvre, C. Longhurst, D.K. Manter, J.A. Patz, and T.L. Weir

2018 · Proceedings of the ACM/IRTF/ISOC Applied Networking Research Workshop, Montreal, QC, Canada
Lights Out: Climate Change Risk to Internet Infrastructure
AUTHOR(S): Durairajan, R., C. Barford, and P. Barford

2018 · PLOS Medicine
Air-quality-related health impacts from climate change and from adaptation of cooling demand for buildings in the eastern United States: An interdisciplinary modeling study
AUTHOR(S): Abel, D., T. Holloway, M. Harkey, P. Meier, D. Ahl, V.S. Limaye, and J.A. Patz