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Satellite Data Identifies Feed, Food, Fiber Cropland

NASA Global Food Security-Support Analysis Data (GFSAD30) project creates database of landscape information and identifies growing feed, food, fiber, permanent orchards, distinct from grassland. Mutlu Ozdogan, Co-PI.

sifting and winnowing

Gibbs Wins L&S Faculty Achievement Award

Holly Gibbs was awarded the 2017 L&S Deans Award for Distinguished Faculty Achievement based on outstanding leadership and potential future leadership, as well as excellent research and teaching and service.

EOI Program

Annemarie Schneider Directs New Master's Program

The new Nelson Institute Environmental Observation & Informatics (EOI) program consists of 15 courses (32 credits) that combine in-person, online, and distance learning over 15 months (summer, fall, spring, and summer).

Clouds and Smoke

Holloway Group Paper Featured in Popular Science

“Your air conditioning habit makes summer smog worse. As temperatures rise, power plants pump out more emissions.”

Latest News

November 22, 2017
Tyler Lark's PhD Defense on Wed, Nov 29: AMERICA'S FOOD- and FUEL-SCAPES
Tyler is a PhD candidate in the Nelson Institute’s Environment and Resources graduate program and is advised by Prof. Holly Gibbs.

November 15, 2017
Seth Spawn Presents New Research at the 2017 America's Grassland Conference
Seth presented new research and he and Tyler Lark participated in a press event about their work tracking cropland expansion and carbon emissions.
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Latest Publications

2017 · Conservation Letters
Avoided Deforestation Linked to Environmental Registration of Properties in the Brazilian Amazon
AUTHOR(S): Alix-Garcia, J.,L. Rausch, J. L'Roe, H.K. Gibbs, J. Munger

2017 · The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
Climate Change and Public Health Policy
AUTHOR(S): Smith, J.A., J. Vargo, and S.P. Hoverter

2017 · Microbial Ecology
Steady-state oxygen isotope effects of N2O production in Paracoccus denitrificans
AUTHOR(S): Barford, C., J. Montoya, M. Altabet and R. Mitchell