Brazilian road and forest

Tyler Lark Presents at Congressional Briefing

Sponsored by the Safe Climate Caucus on the environmental impacts of the Renewable Fuels Standard

cricket powder

Eat your crickets; they're good for you!

Study by Valerie Stull shows that 25 grams per day of whole cricket powder increases probiotic bacteria in the gut of healthy adults.

NYC underwater

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Coastal Internet

Barford co-authors study of internet infrastructure and sea level rise through the year 2100, with largest effects in the next two decades.


Holloway Lab Hosts National Meeting

UW hosts the NASA Health and Air Quality Applied Science Team for a national conversation on satellite data for air quality and public health.

Latest News

July 31, 2018
Michael Eggen's PhD dissertation defense Friday, August 3, 2018
Title: Climate change impacts to agriculture in the Blue Nile Highlands of Ethiopia Advisors: Profs. Matt Turner and Mutlu Ozdogan Date: Friday, August 3, 2018 Time: 9:30am Location: Trewartha Room, Science Hall

July 24, 2018
Holly Gibbs Receives $975,000 Grant
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation provides funding to the Gibbs Lab to continue their work on zero-deforestation commitments in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado biomes.


Latest Publications

2018 · Energy Research & Social Science
The geography of solar energy in the United States: Market definition, industry structure, and choice in solar PV adoption
AUTHOR(S): O’Shaughnessy, E., G.F. Nemet and N. Darghouth

2018 · Environmental Research Letters
Negative emissions–Part 3: Innovation and upscaling
AUTHOR(S): Nemet, G.F. , M.W. Callaghan, F. Creutzig, S. Fuss, J. Hartmann, J. Hilaire, W.F. Lamb, J.C. Minx, S. Rogers and P. Smith

2018 · Environmental Research Letters
Negative emissions–Part 2: Costs, potentials and side effects
AUTHOR(S): Fuss, S.,W. F. Lamb, M.W. Callaghan, J. Hilaire, F. Creutzig, T. Amann, T. Beringer, W.d.O. Garcia, J. Hartmann, T. Khanna, G. Luderer, G. F. Nemet, J. Rogelj, P. Smith, J.L.V. Vicente, J. Wilcox, M.d.M.Z. Dominguez and J. C. Minx