Jonathan Patz in auditorium with giant curved screen

Patz Presents on Planetary Health

"Treatment for Today's Climate Emergency Can Save Way More Lives Than We Ever Imagined"

cows in Brazil

Cattle Laundering in Brazilian Amazon

Gibbs Lab finds that hard-to-monitor cattle trade sparks increased burning of forest.

Health Costs of Climate Change map

Health Costs of Climate Change

U.S. climate-related events in 2012 cause over $10 billion in health-related costs.

Nemet Book Cover photo - sunset and solar panels

How Solar Energy Became Cheap

Greg Nemet's new book tells the story of solar: the long road to economic viability and the lessons learned that could speed the progress of other low-carbon technology.

Latest News

September 30, 2020
Tracey Holloway Wins AGU Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award
Eighty-five distinguished scientists receive accolades from groups representing their disciplines within AGU, the world’s largest Earth and space science society. Congratulations, Tracey!

September 08, 2020
Envisioning a future for grasslands in the United States
Tyler Lark's recent work highlighted in Nelson Institute News
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Latest Publications

2020 · EcoEvoRxiv
A call to action: Understanding land use-induced zoonotic spillover to protectenvironmental, animal, and human health
AUTHOR(S): Plowright, R., J. Reaser, H. Locke, S.J. Woodley, J.A. Patz, D. Becker, G. Oppler, P. Hudson, and G.M. Tabor

2020 · Land Use Policy
Protecting our prairies: Research and policy actions for conserving America’s grasslands
AUTHOR(S): Lark, T.J.

2020 · Nature Scientific Data
Harmonized global maps of above and below ground biomass carbon density in the year 2010
AUTHOR(S): Spawn, S.A., C.C. Sullivan, T.J. Lark, and H.K. Gibbs