Aerial view of the Lake Mead Reservoir showing signs of drought

This educational series offers instructors and students short (7-20 minute) videos on different topics related to the Colorado River Crisis. Our aim is to inform discussions that explore sustainable and equitable solutions.

We provide multiple entry points for students to different topics and help instructors assign specific topics easily.

Learning Modules

We offer four modules each with multiple short videos. They are designed to provide the main ideas about a topic in a concise manner. We also link you to supplementary videos or articles that provide the potential for further investigation.


  • Overview of the Colorado River
  • Description of the lead players in deciding the future of the river
  • The rules of the game shaping those decisions

Overview module


  • The law of the river
  • Tribal water rights

History module

The Weird Economics of Water

  • Overview of the weird economics of water
  • Weird economics of water in agriculture
  • Weird economics of water in cities
  • Knock-on effects of water conservation in rural communities

Weird economics of water module

Policy Options for the Colorado River Crisis

  • Short-term conservation options in the Cities
  • Rotational fallowing and adaptive management in agriculture
  • Market, trades, and exchanges for a sustainable future
  • Long-term urban conservation and water enhancement options

Policy options module