Sustainability Certificate
Old Curriculum

The sustainability certificate can be added to any undergraduate major except environmental studies. Students who earn a sustainability certificate may not earn the environmental studies certificate or the certificate in engineering for energy sustainability. Students must meet a 2.8 GPA admission requirement.

Requirement for completion


The curriculum noted below is an option for students who have been admitted to the certificate prior to September 1, 2018. Please check the timetable for the latest course offerings. The course list below is dynamic and will be adjusted as new sustainability courses are being offered and others dropped. Students may request to substitute a listed course with a sustainability related course that is currently not listed. Such a request requires that the student submits a written explanation how the substitute course meets the learning outcomes of the certificate (listed further below) and assists the student in reaching his or her individual goals for taking the certificate. Please also submit a syllabus of the substitute class. The substitute request requires approval by the certificate's faculty advisor, Ann Terlaak.

Department Course Title Credits geBLC* Semester
ENVIR ST 101 Forum on the Environment 2 __WEC Spring
Atm Ocn/Geosci 102 Climate and Climate Change 3 __PEC Summer
GEO SCIENCE/ENV STU 106 Environmental Geology (Fall)
Environmental Geology (Spring)
3 __PEC Fall, Spring
INTER L&S 107 Building a Clean Energy Future 3 __WEC Spring
ENVIR ST 112 Environmental Studies: The Social Perspective 3 __SEC Spring
ENVIR ST 117 GreenHouse Roots Seminar 1 __EC Fall
GEOG/IES 120 Introduction to the Earth System 3 __PEC Spring
ENVIR ST 126 Principles of Environmental Science 4 __PEC Spring
GEOG/ENVIR ST 127 Physical Systems of the Environment
ENVIR ST, GEOG 139 Living in the Global Environment: An Introduction to People-Environment Geography 3 __SEC Fall, Spring
EPS 150 Climate Change and Sustainability Education 3 __SEC Spring
AOS/IES 171 Global Change: Atmospheric Issues and Problems 3 B_PEC Fall
Env St 210 Cultures of Sustainability: Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe 3 __HEC Fall
AAE 244 The Environment and the Global Economy 3 Fall
AAE 246 Climate Change Economics and Policy 3 __SEC Fall
C&E SOC 248 Environment, Natural Resources, and Society 3 __SEC
ILS 251 Radioactivity, People, and the Planet 3 __PIC Spring
HORT 261 Sustainable Turfgrass use and Management 2 Spring
ENVIR ST, GEOG 309 People, Land and Food 3 __SIC Fall
ENVIR ST, BUSINESS MHR 310 Challenges and Solutions in Business Sustainability 3 ___IC Spring
GEOG/ENVIR ST 337 Nature, Power and Society 3 ___IC Fall, Spring
GEOG/AOS/IES 332 Climate Change: Science and Impacts 3 __PIC Fall, Spring
ENVIR ST 343 Environmental Economics 3 __SIC Fall
ENVIR ST 349 Climate Change Governance 3 __SIC Spring
CONSUMER SCI 360 Sustainable and Socially Just Consumption 3 __SEC Fall, Spring
ENVIR ST, BSE 367 Renewable Energy Systems 3   Fall, Spring
BUSINESS OTM 370 Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement 3 Summer
CIVIL SOC & COMM ST 375 Human Ecology of Food and Sustainability 3   Spring
HORT 375, LEC 001 A Growing Dilemma: The Future of Food 3 Spring
ENVIR ST 402 GreenHouse seminar (for residents of Leopold Hall) 1** __SIC Fall, Spring
ENVIR ST & GEOG 402/475 Green Urbanism Spring
C&I/C&E Soc/Envir St 405 Education for Sustainable Communities 3 __SIC Spring
CIVENGR 421 Environmental Sustainability Engineering 3
GEOG 439 US Environmental Policy and Regulation __SIC
PHIL/ENVIR ST 441 Environmental Ethics 4 __ZAC Fall
Inter-Ag 471 Food Production System and Sustainability 3 __BAC Spring
DY Science 472 Animal Agriculture and Global Sustainable Development 1 Spring
CIV ENGR 494 Civil and Environmental Engineering Decision Making 3 Spring
SOC 540 Sociology of International Development, Environment, and Sustainability 3 __SIC Spring
C&E SOC 541 Environmental Stewardship and Social Justice Special Topic: The Global Perspective 3 __SAC Spring
RMI 650 Sustainability, Environmental, and Social Risk Management 3   Fall
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*Refer to this page for information on the symbols in the geBLC column.
** 1 credit maximum of ENVIR ST 402 in the residence halls.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for students completing the sustainability certificate include the ability to: