Indigenous Environmental Writers

Wild rice near a water's edge

ENVIR ST 404 LEC 001
Monday/Wednesday, 8–9:15 a.m.
3 credits

Online course


Jessie Conaway
Faculty Associate

Course Description

Native Nations show leadership globally in addressing major environmental issues. Indigenous languages describe deep relationships with the natural world, including information on environmental stewardship — harvesting, caretaking and reciprocity.

Indigenous scholars contribute crucial perspectives to conversations about human relationships to the Earth — cultural relationships to wildlife and plants, and the ethical and practical roles of humans in socio-ecological systems.

We focus on indigenous environmental scholarship, including the ongoing legacy of oral traditions. Course participants will have the opportunity to hone research, writing, and public speaking skills.

Fulfills General Education, Communications Part B requirement.

View a Ho-Chunk language and culture map of the Four Lakes Region (pdf)

Fulfills Environmental Studies


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Communications Part B