Select and meet with your committee (including advisor)

During the second semester, students should develop a 5-member committee with the counsel and approval of the advisor. Four out of five members of the committee (including the advisor) must be members of the Graduate School faculty. The fifth member can be a qualified scholar and practitioner who is not a member of the graduate faculty. But this fifth (non-graduate faculty) person must approved by the Environment and Resources chair and the Academic Programs office (which means their qualifications – their CV or resume – must be submitted for review). If there is an instance of dispute, appeals over a fifth member’s approval may be made to the ER program committee for a formal vote.

The faculty members of the committee should be balanced between the social and natural sciences and must represent at least three different departments or schools. The advisor will chair this committee.

To see a list of Nelson Institute faculty affiliates and their research interests, visit our Faculty Directory.

If at some point you wish to change your major professor or any other faculty committee members, you are required to submit your request in writing to the Nelson Institute Academic Programs Office (70 Science Hall, 550 N. Park St.).