Isabelle Paulsen

What are your majors? Anthropology

Expected graduation: May 2022

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? I have been interested in the natural world since before I can remember. I’ve been told many stories about me futilely chasing robins and eating tomatoes straight off the vine like apples. There has never been a period where I have not wanted to wander among the outdoors.

But ideas of the environment and community came to the forefront of my mind when I interned as a naturalist at a nature center in high school. I was able to engage in public workshops and help lead summer camps for young children. I interacted with kids who had never connected with the environment and helped show them the wonders it could hold. And in the process, I learned so much too. My entire perspective changed about what the environment is and what I can do within it and for it.

What would you say (or do you say) to other students about CESP and the Nelson Institute? CESP has provided a lot of wonderful opportunities to grow in ways I never suspected. The things and values I have learned from this program have so easily become a part of who I am, without me knowing it. CESP provides a comfortable and engaging place to grow as a person and as a member of a community.

Something few people know about you: I love to scuba dive, but have never gone anywhere outside of Wisconsin for it (yet).