Andrew Dobbins

Andrew Dobbins

What are your majors? Agricultural business major with a certificate in environmental studies

Expected graduation: December 2019

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? I guess my family has always been into the outdoors. My father’s relationship growing up helping his grandfather with our cabin located in Cass County Minnesota and eventually my own summers there influenced our understanding in being land stewards to the next generation.

Numerous summers planting trees, hauling boulders, and splitting so many bundles of wood, left all of us with an appreciation for the outdoors. I now enjoy fishing, hunting, bird watching, skiing, and the feeling of Waldeinsamkeit there.

My great-grandfather’s work as a conservationist, visionary, and politician left a lasting impact in our community. Things like the formation of Deep Portage Natural Resource Center, ski and snowmobile trails, and local canoeing routes brought cross generational engagement for the state and many of its counties. That engagement is something I would like to create and proliferate in my local community so new stakeholders can experience and hopefully share their own legacy with the next generation.

Something else about you? I used to study forestry at Penn State and here at UW, so I love trees. You can find me searching out the biggest tree in the forest and giving it a huge hug! Check out my selfie with a 300-plus-year-old 55-inch DBH (diameter at breast height) white pine from Itasca State Park!