Ana Diges

What are your majors? Materials science and engineering, certificate in environmental studies and in global health

Expected graduation: May 2021

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? My interest in the environment and its relation to community stems from my multicultural upbringing, where I was able to reflect on the places we live in through different perspectives. My father is the descendant of immigrants who cultivated their fate from the terrains of northern Wisconsin, passing on to me a strong land ethic.

My mother had the habit of pointing out many plants for their medicinal, nutritional or aesthetic properties during our long walks around the small mountain ridge where we lived in Spain. Experiences like these taught me the harmonious ways in which communities and land shape each other.

What would you say (or do you say) to other students about CESP and the Nelson Institute? CESP is a fantastic program for those interested in the intersectionality between subjects surrounding science, society and environment. The Nelson Institute coordinates programs like these, as well as countless talks, conferences and resources to grow our knowledge about how people interact with their surroundings.

Something few people know about you: I love learning about a place’s history and culture through cuisine!

Something else about you? I’m a project manager for an Engineers Without Borders – Ecuador Camarones potable water project on campus, where I help coordinate the work to bring safe water to a town of 500 people.